How to add a new rate type

Inngenius has a state of the art Rate setup that is easy to understand and use. A rate can be applied to a certain room type, a channel or certain dates.

You can start adding a new rate by going to "Rates" section under the Admin Tab.

Start adding a new Rate by pressing "Add" button on the bottom of the screen.

Rate calender can be used in a few different ways;

1. You can click on the "Months to cover all the days in a month

2. You can click on the "Days" to cover the same day for the whole year.

3. Or you can simply mark each day that you would like to enter the rate into.

After selecting the dates/periods, you can go ahead and apply the rates.

Example "Rate" editing:

Choose the dates to start

Enter the rate for the selected days.

P.S: Only the Std. Rate will be sent to the channels. Additional people rates are designed for internal use only.


After applying the rate, please choose the Room types and the OTA channels that you want this rate to be sent.


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