How to setup your InnConnect Booking Engine

While you are setting up property details please make sure to save your work before moving to a new tab.

1. Property Contact information & Features

Start filling in all the fields about your property. Make sure to include all the details that your site visitors may need.

After entering the contact information, please mark the property features from the list on the right side of the page. (These features are the general features of the property, you will add the room amenities later.)



2. Property Address and location map

Please enter your physical address and mark your location on the Google Map.


3. Property Description

Enter a brief description of your property.



4. Image Gallery

This is where you can upload all your photos. If your account already has sample photos please delete them first.  After deleting the sample photos please click on "Upload New Version" button to start uploading new photos.

After you finish uploading photos hit "Save Changes"



5. Property Images

Please mark the photos that you want to be displayed above the description in the booking page. (images marked here are not going to be displayed in the banner area.)




6.Banner Images

Banner Images tab is where you can choose the images for your booking page banner (header area of your booking site). If you are going to use your company logo, please make sure the width of the image has to be minimum 400px or above.



7.Payment Settings

In the Payment Settings tab you can setup the tax rates, deposits and surcharges.

If you require a deposit to guarantee the booking please enter a percentage in the Deposit field.

Setup your tax rates. You can setup different tax rates for your room rentals, and your extra services, see below.

Example: Sales Tax ----------> Applies to ----------> Extras only

          Lodging Tax  ---------> Applies to ----------> Extras and room rentals



8. Policies (Cancellation, Term & Conditions)

Please enter your company policies in these areas. These areas are used by the OTAs, as well as the booking engine. (confirmation emails/receipts)




9. Security

Setup your credentials in this area. You can change the sign-in email address, and password.

Please keep in mind that Credit Card viewing password and sign-in password can not be the same. Without Credit Card password you will not be able to retrieve the payment info on the bookings.

Passwords must have at least one number, one capital letter and one special character. (!,',%&$)



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