Setting up Rooms & Rates on Innconnect Booking Engine

Setting up Rooms & Rates on the Innconnect is fairly an easy step.


When you are finished setting up the Room details;

A. You can create a new rate by clicking on the "New Rate" button or

B. Choose the rate that's already been created from the list on the left

Rate setup screen is very similar to the Room setup. In the Rate setup, you have an optional description text box. You can use this area to describe the room, or the details about this rate. You can also enter details about the rate in this area.

You can use the same name for the rooms and the rates.


 After creating the rooms & rates, you can now go to Availability section in the main screen to activate the rate.


First, please make sure that the correct rate is marked for editing.






 After setting your availability, choose the next tab "Rates" to adjust the selling prices. You can also use the other tabs to enforce rules on this Rate Type.

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    Antony Owens

    Very convenient application, but I still tend to apply to the agency, my favorite BSO

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