How to Integrate into Myallocator

Create an account on and then create an account on

You will need to create Room Types in InnGenius by clicking on the Admin Tab, Under Room Settings click on Room Types, click on the Add button (Add/Edit/Delete buttons are always located on the bottom of the screen)


Enter the Room Type details and press OK (you will need to do this for each room type)


You will then need to add Rooms to these Room Types by clicking on Admin Tab, under Room Settings, Rooms. Click on the Add button located on the bottom of the screen.

You can name your rooms by number or names as shown below. Select the Type of Room this number or name belongs to such as Single, Twin Room etc. and press OK


Side Note

To disable a room type, simply click on the Room Type, and remove the tick from the box next to "Enabled:" and press OK (example below shows room as active)



Once your rooms are set up on InnGenius, you will need to add the same room types on Myallocator by signing in to Myallocator website, click on Rooms, Add Rooms (do this for each room type, Single, Double etc – any room/s you created on InnGenius, you will need to create on Myallocator)

Note: Rates need to match those set on InnGenius



After you add the Rooms, click on Currency button (shown below)


Select the currency you wish to use from the drop down menu and press Update button

Note: You need to use the same Currency as the one used in InnGenius


Then press Automatic Adjustments button and ensure your settings are as below (Enabled: ON & How to treat cancellations: Add availability on all channels) then press Update button


You will see a message confirming the changes have been saved




To Connect InnGenius with Myallocator, please do the following:


Login to InnGenius, click on Admin Tab, click on Settings button, then press on Channel Manager Credentials (as shown below)


Enter your Myallocator user name and password and press the List button


This will provide a unique ID number, copy the number from this screen (press close)


Then paste the ID number to "Account Id:" and press Save & Close button


Go to Room types, double click on a room type, click on the "List" button to retrieve the room types ID numbers and enter them accordingly (example shown below)

You will need to repeat these steps for each room type - entering the ID number into the box provided next to the List button (shown below) and press OK



Now click on Rates button (shown below)

Double click on the Rate you wish to use for Channel connections - then press Channels button (example shown below)


Select myallocator and press OK




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