How to Create Discounts

Login to InnGenius, click on Admin Tab, under Accounting click on Discount Departments

Click on the Add button located on the bottom of the screen

Name the Department that you wish to give a discount from (example shown below)

You can create and edit as many discount departments as you like

  • Now you will need to create the Discount Reason by clicking on Discount Reasons button then click on the Add button located on the bottom of the screen (shown below)

Fill out the details and press ok

To implement a discount for a customer simply click on the reservation required, click on Payments button as shown below

Enter the amount the discount is for – this will then change the Balance due as shown below

Click on Discount Reason (as shown below)

Use the drop down box to select the discount reason and department and press ok

This discount will then appear on the Reservation screen as shown below


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