How to use Filters in Housekeeping Tab

Click on Housekeeping Tab. To view a certain type of Status, simply change the “Status” using the drop down menu (example shown below is for “Repair” status) It will list all the rooms with the status “Repair”


Rooms that need to be “Inspected” are colored light blue – you can assign these rooms by selecting the room/s, then selecting the name of the housekeeper in “Assign Housekeeper” drop down box


The housekeeper/s will see the list of rooms assigned to them once they sign in to InnGenius


To see the housekeeping status of room’s simply look at the colors listed under “Housekeeping Status” in Front Desk view (as shown below), each color has a meaning, example, Yellow is used for Repairs etc

If you tried to make a booking in a room colored in yellow (repair) it would be shown on the reservation screen (example shown below)

Once you make the booking, the color of the room will then change to light blue (Inspect) so the room can be inspected for the guests (example shown below)

Remember room was colored yellow (Repair) before the booking, then it changed to light blue (Inspect) (see above)


By changing the status of the “View by” field you can view rooms by Housekeeping status, Assignee, Room Status, Room type etc by using the drop down box (as shown below)


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