How to Reset User Passwords

Login to InnGenius with a Admin user.

Firstly, you will need to create a User by taking the following steps

Click on Admin Tab, Users, then click on the Add button located on the bottom of the screen (as per below)


Fill out the details and press OK (example shown below) Note: you have the option to give the user limited access by choosing it in the drop down box. Also select the default view this user will have access to from the drop down box.

Note: You cannot delete User’s once you have created them – you can only “disable” the user by double clicking on the user’s name – untick the Status box (see below) and press OK

You can track active and inactive user’s using the filtering system (see inactive user’s marked below)

To Reset a User Password, simply click once on the user’s name and press “Reset Password” button located on the bottom of your screen

Enter new Password and press OK

You will see this notification to confirm the password has been changed


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