Adding Images to your Booking page

Login to Innconnect

Click on Property Details Icon (shown below)

 Click on Property Images tab (shown below) Select the images you would like to be displayed on the body of the booking page (remember to press Save Changes button)

(Example of how booking page will look below)


To view your booking page, simply press on the Booking Page icon (shown below)

This will open a new browser and show you were the images are placed


To add photos to the Top Banner of your booking page, simply click on the Banner Images tab and select from the photos, then press Save Changes (shown below)

To view these photos on your booking page, simply refresh your booking page browser (if you do not have it open, press Booking Page icon and it will open again)

 Example of where these images will be displayed on your booking page is shown below

 Remember you can always add more photos to your Image Gallery – that can then be used to add to Property Images and Banner Images.

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