How to Make a Sale on POS Restaurant & Transfer it to the Room folio

Login to InnGenius

Click on the POS Point required (Restaurant/Bar) Note: this example is for POS Restaurant


Let’s say the customer would like 1 x bottle of water, 1 x coffee and 1 x black tea

You need to press on the item/s listed on the right hand side of the screen (in blue) so they can be presented in front of you in purple – you simply press that button once for 1, twice for 2 (the more times you press it, the more orders you will be taking)

Note: You will need to add all your POS items/categories in the Admin Tab, under POS Points before making any sales


The software will total the order for you. Then you need to select the payment type from the bottom of the screen (example shown below) If the customer is paying in Cash – simply press Cash. If the customer would like to pay by Card, you have those options also. The customer may even wish to have these items transferred to their room – you can also select this option (seen in red below)



Let’s say the customer asked for these items to be transferred to his/her room, simply press the “Transfer to Room” button. The screen below will open up, you will need to select the customers Room Number from the list and press the Select button (as shown below)


This will then generate an Invoice for the transaction (example shown below) Notice the Folio Number, this is the receipt number used to track sales

You are able to print this Invoice for your records or customers


To view these items on the guest’s Reservation, go to Front Desk view, click on the reservation, you will see it marked “Other charges” (example shown below)


To see it in more detail, press the Payments button on the bottom of that screen (example of payments screen shown below)


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