How to send a Confirmation or Invoice Email from InnGenius

Login to InnGenius

You will need to customize your templates before sending any by taking the following steps:

Click on Admin Tab, then press Email Templates button (shown below)


Once you are happy with the Email templates you can send them by clicking on the Reservation, press on the Guest Receipt button (shown below)



It will generate an Invoice (example shown below)


You have the option to change the information on this screen by clicking on the Settings button on the top of the screen (example shown below)




Once you are happy with the Invoice/Confirmation (whatever you wish to call it) simply type the customer’s email address and press the Send button – or if you do not wish to email it – you can print it by pressing the Print button seen below. Note: You can change the name of the heading from Invoice, Confirmation to whatever you like in the above screen.


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