How to assign Channel bookings

Channel bookings will always appear on InnGenius Front Desk view. You will need to manually assign each booking (for each customer) to avoid overbooking by taking the following steps:

Login to InnGenius. Click on Front Desk view – you will notice a message on the top right hand corner of your screen, this is to notify you of an online booking from a channel, which you will need to assign to a room manually


Click on Unassigned Reservations button (shown below)



This will show you how many bookings have come through the channels; you will need to assign a room for each customer by double clicking on the customer’s name and then selecting a room


By double clicking on the customer’s name, the reservation card will allow you to assign a room, add as much information as required, check the rate is correct and then press Save & Close

This will then clear the list in “Unassigned Reservations” in Front Desk view until you have more bookings.

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