How to use POS (Gift Shop)

POS Gift shop is used to keep track of folio’s (receipts) generated from POS Restaurant and any other POS you may be using.

When you complete a transaction (sale) in POS Restaurant the system will generate an invoice which has a unique folio number on the top corner. This folio number can be used to edit the transaction in POS Gift Shop Tab.

To edit a transaction, enter the folio number in the field marked below:


A sample invoice below shows customer has ordered a few items and would like to dispute the charge for the second black tea. Copy the folio number and enter it into field shown in the above picture



If you delete an item, obviously you will need to reimburse the customers money manually. Remember to save changes and print a copy of the invoice for your records.



For the system to generate an updated receipt you will need to re-enter the payable amount and press save and print transaction button



Updated invoice shows correct information (see below)


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