New Feature for Unassigned Reservations

We have introduced a new feature to Front Desk Tape Chart. From now on you will notice all NEW bookings that come from OTA’s and new reservations you create (without assigning a room) will have a border around the reservation (example shown below) this is to notify you this reservation is Unassigned to a Room. You will need to click on the reservation and assign a Room to it.

The system uses a formula to place these bookings in some order until you assign it to a room. To avoid overbookings it will automatically assign it to a room that is most logical. Reservations that are already assigned to a room will take priority over the new reservations – meaning the system will try to place the new booking in an empty spot (which may require you to move other reservations around or split some to make room).


Note: You will still see the notification box in the corner alerting you of the unassigned reservations listed under “Unassigned Reservations” (shown below)


To view and assign your “unassigned reservations” simply follow the instructions below:

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