How to get around Common Errors

From time to time you will come across system errors, so we’ve come up with a way for you to work around them with these simple tips.

Example 1 – You just created a new room type and added some rooms, when you go to Front Desk view you get this message:

That is because you need to refresh your browser by pressing Ctrl F5


Example 2 – You try to make a reservation for the new room type and you get this message:

That is because you didn’t setup a Rate for this room type (go to Rates and Add a Rate for the new room type)


Example 3 - Once you have a new rate setup and go back to Front Desk to create a new reservation for that room, you will come across this error message:

That is because you need to enable your permissions for this rate/room type by going to Admin tab, clicking on User levels, select the level of Access you wish to apply permission for and press the ‘Permissions’ button and select the new room type from the list and press OK (example shown below)


Example 4 – When you try to delete a Room Type, you may come across this message:

After you click on Yes, you will receive this message:

It will not allow you to delete a room type. You can only ‘disable’ a room type (so it’s no longer in use) as the system saves these records for reporting purposes.This also applies to rooms (you can't delete the room once it's in use, you can only disable it)

To disable a room type, simply double click on the room type and remove the tick from the Enabled box (example shown below)


Example 5 – When you try to create another POS Product, you may see this message:

Or when you try to add a POS Product from that area you may see this message:

You will need to go to Admin Tab, click on User Levels and select the access level you wish to give permission to and tick the relevant boxes (example shown below) then press close and OK on the next screen.

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