What InnGenius can and can not send to Channels

There is an international standard adopted by all the online sales channels, some will allow person based pricing however most of them do not. Inngenius cannot send person based pricing to these channels. We work with standard rates which is the price of per room/per day.

When you setup a room on and set occupancy level to 4, that means the rate we are sending is going to cover that many occupants.

Or for example, if you setup a double room and set the occupancy to 2 people then the rate we send will be for 2 people.

Again, we cannot send rates based on ‘per person’ (such as: 1 person rate is $125, if two people $138, if a child is included its $140) this pricing structure cannot be transferred through our channel management. Please note that some channels do allow that on their extranet, so hotels have to set those in their extranet accounts.

When Inngenius sends a rate to OTA channels, it usually has to go thru a currency exchange process.

For example: A hotel in Hungary uses their local currency of HUF, however requires EU counties to enter their rates in Euro. So, Inngenius calculates the HUF to EU conversion based on European Union Central bank rates and sends the exchanged rate data to

So when you have a booking from it comes back in Euro to Inngenuis. We do not pass that sell rate through another exchange process, instead we display it in the Notes section in our reservation screen. It is the hotels responsibility to calculate the actual sell rate and make adjustments to that booking.

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