How to Set up Promotions in InnConnect

You are able to set up multiple rates in InnConnect just like in InnGenius. These rates can be used for Promotions such as; “Stay 5 nights & pay for 4” “Early Booking Saver” “Season Special” etc.

Login to InnConnect, click on Rooms & Rates button (shown below)


You will firstly need to create a new rate type in Rooms & Rates – under the room type you wish to have a promotion for, example shown below



 Click on Availability Tab, then select the new rate for the promotion (shown below)


 The below example shows Room Type: Season Special, 2 rooms available for the month of June


Then press Rates Tab and enter the Rate for the Promotion and press Save



You can set Minimum stay for this promotion by clicking on Min Nights Tab and entering the amount of Nights you would like this Promotion set to (example shown below is set for 3 nights minimum stay)


 Note: If you add Inclusions it will appear on the booking page, when you hover your mouse over the price (example, breakfast not included)


To see these changes on your Booking Page, simply press Booking Page Icon (shown below) it will open a new browser with the updated information


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