CMS Online Payment Gateway – Only used within the US

This online payment gateway is only available for US customers.

We have partnered with Cms Online to provide a payment gateway to our  customers in the United States. CMS Online is a leading electronic payment processing solution. They offer competitive commission rates.

Our clients are able to be sign up in 6 min with a paperless online application and electronic signature. Because CMS Online is an FSP (Full Service Provider) they control all underwriting and boarding in house for a quick and hassle free set up.

  Swipe Feature with the USB card reader: (Auto post, No double entry)

§  Customer Vault: Store client card data for future charges with our recollecting info each time

§  Payment Plans/Recurring Billing:  set up a monthly plan that auto deducts and auto post as paid in the software

§  Online payments: Clients can pay online from smart phone/tablet/computer

§  Email Invoicing: Collect payments through email, lower collections and simplify client communication

§  CMV Custom Reporting: Simple reconciliation tools

How to use it in InnGenius:

You will need to sign up with CMS Online firstly to get the unique API code to be used in InnGenius.

Login to InnGenius, click on the Admin Tab, then press the Settings button (shown below)


Enter your unique API code in the “CMS Merchant Key” field & press OK

Now when you press Payments in the reservation screen (shown below)

You will notice a new option called Charge (Online) seen below:

When you press Charge (Online) it opens a small window were you need to fill in the blanks, Card number, date and CVV number then press the Submit Payment button. You can also use a Keyboard emulating Credit Card Reader.

You will receive a message advising whether it’s approved or declined (example shown below). Fund will be transferred immediately and the transaction will be recorded in your CMS Online account. 


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