Using Multi Languages in InnConnect

You can change some details to another language by taking the following steps.

Login to your InnConnect account.

Select the language you desire from the drop down menu (shown below)

Once you have selected the language, you need to look out for area’s with little rainbow signs – these are the areas that you need to translate into that language (example shown below)

In this example, the language selected for editing is Turkish. Click on a room type, example Single, and type the word in that language you selected in the sections that have the little rainbow sings.

You can see this in the example above.

To see this on the booking page, the customer will need to select the language desired (shown below)

This then changes the name of the room, the description and the book now button (all marked below) It's worth noting that Amenities and Hotel features remain in English as we send those areas to OTA Channels and they must remain in English.


Please note that not everything can be translated to the selected language. Most of the page will still remain in English.


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