How to Confirm a Reservation

When you receive a booking  (that hasn’t been confirmed yet) you should make a new reservation using the following steps.

Login to InnGenius, in Front Desk view, make a new reservation, noting the guests name and contact details etc and then press the Block button (example shown below)

By pressing “Block” the reservation is made but not yet confirmed. After confirming you can change the status of the reservation (example shown below of blocked reservation)

When you click back into the reservation, you will notice the reservation has additional options like Reserve, No Show, Unblock etc (shown below) You can choose to confirm the reservation by pressing the Reserve button this will change the color of the reservation to grey (as it’s no longer blocked)

Note: The color will change to blue or grey depending on the date (future reservations will remain grey as you can’t do a check in for the reservation) If you have the option to check in the guest, the color will change to blue.

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