How to Display Parts of the Booking Page

You now have the option to display the booking calendar section only on your website – you can choose to insert the whole booking engine or just a “Book Now” button can be inserted, the choice is yours.                       

By taking the following steps, you can provide your Web Master the link you wish to use on your website.

Login to InnConnect, click on the Booking Engine Tab (shown below)

You will notice there are 3 different links on the right hand side of the screen (shown below)

To view a booking engine that is currently in use, please click on this link (this booking engine is displayed in full)


Remember you can choose to upload the booking engine in full or just the booking calendar (example shown below)

If you choose to display the “Book Now” button, it will look something like this on your own website - you can place it anywhere on your website. It's worth noting that you can change the word to Reservation or whatever you like.


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