Instant Messaging Tool within InnGenius for staff members

If you have multiple users logging into the system, you can use the Messaging tool to communicate short messages. The messages sent using this tool will be displayed instantly on the other users screen. If the message recipient is offline, they will receive the message when they login to the system. This is a good way to communicate with staff members.

The messaging tool is located on the top right hand corner of InnGenius (example shown below)


Once you click on it, it will display the names of other users (example shown below)

The names will appear in Green if the user is online, if the user is offline, it will appear in Red.

To send a message, type in the little box and it will go to the people who are selected – even if that person is not online, they will receive the message once they are logged in.

The example below shows a message being sent from Catherine to Selda – once you type the message select the name you wish to send it to and press Send button

The message will then appear on Selda's screen (example shown below)

You can keep typing back and forth; it will keep a log of the messages. If you want to close the messaging tool, just press the little x button on the top right hand corner.


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