Automatic sign up process guideline for - Channel Manager

The automated sign up tool allows your property to request a connection directly to channel managers by accessing the extranet of Once the request has been submitted, you will need to follow the below steps to ensure the connection is correctly enabled.

STEP 1. Select provider: you can start the activation process via extranet by clicking on the Channel Manager link, under the Property Info tab.

If you have a channel manager to connect with, start the procedure by clicking directly on the Start button.

Once you have selected the channel manager, choose between the types of connection needed:


STEP 2. Agreement: to complete the request of connection, accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions by clicking on Accept. At this time, you will be receiving the Contract by email.

STEP 3. Provider confirmation: upon your request of connection, you will receive a notification email along with the contract – XML Signup Agreement with Booking.pdf. The channel manager receives as well an email notification with your data and will confirm you back once all the settings have been completed.

You can check the status of the request from extranet under the Channel manager link:

STEP 4. Confirm: once the request of connection has been confirmed from the Channel manager side, you will be receiving an email asking to complete the activation as below:


In order for you to complete the activation, click on ‘I confirm the connection with Test provider’. The connection will be accordingly enabled.


STEP 5. Active: the connection is now live. You are required, based on the settings agreed with your channel manager, to send a full refresh of rates & availability to make the property available for selling.

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