How to Retrieve Credit Card details from InnGenius

Important Note: Please note that you should set up your Credit Card Access Password in Admin Tab before attempting this. Make it unique, yet easy to remember as you will need to enter it every time you wish to view CC details. Click on Admin tab – Settings – Change Credit Card Access Password

Please follow the instructions and then press OK.


Retrieving Credit Card Details from the Reservation

When you receive a booking that contains Credit Card information, the system will keep this information in the Reservation card. Credit Card details will be deleted 2 weeks after the guests’ checkout date for security reasons. To retrieve Customers Credit Card details simply click on the reservation, then click on Credit Card Details icon (example shown below)

Enter the Password you created earlier in the field shown below and then press the Submit button (example shown below)

It will bring up the customers CC details for you to process manually.


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