How to use in InnGenius

Firstly you will need to signup with to receive their API login ID which you need to enter into InnGenius.

Login to InnGenius. Click on Admin Tab, then Settings and enter your ID & Transaction key into the fields provided (example shown below) then press OK.

Then refresh your browser so the system updates.

Click on a reservation that you would like to use with, then click on Payments button, scroll down to see the option “Charge via” (example shown below)

Once you click on it, a small box will appear, this is where you enter the CC details and then press Submit Transaction button (example shown below)

You will receive a small notification on the screen advising if the payment has been approved or rejected.

Please note: if you wish to do a void or refund, this is possible however the amount will appear with (-) in front of it in payments section.


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