Connecting your Airbnb account with InnConnect - Step by Step guide

Sign into your Airbnb account. Press the “List your Space” button on the top right hand corner and follow the on screen instructions to create rooms.

You will need to select from the options provided and press Continue (example shown below)

A pop up notification will appear advising that you still have 7 more steps to complete this listing (shown below)

Click on “Finish my listings”

You will need to complete each step according to your property

Once you have completed all the steps you will need to press “List Space”

The final step is a security check. Airbnb will prompt you to verify your phone number (example shown below) Click on Continue

Then select the from the options provided

For this example we selected “Verify via SMS” We then received the code via SMS and entered it into the next screen seen below

Once the verification is complete, you see the below screen, then press List Space

You will be given the option to View your listing or go straight to your calendar

We pressed “View Listing” and it opened a new browser showing what the space looks like to potential customers (see below)


If you go straight to Calendar, you can change the pricing and set more settings from here

For example, if you press “Snoozed” in the left bottom corner, you will be prompted to enter dates for this period (see below)

You can press Pricing to change the price of your room (example shown below)

It will update straight away

When you are ready to Sync with InnConnect, press the “Sync with other Calendars” button

You will need to fill out more details on the right side panel. Then you can import and export your Calendar using the links provided (see below)

When you press “Import Calendar” you will see the screen below. Simply copy the link provided in InnConnect to the “Calendar Address (URL)” section provided below. Enter a name for this Calendar and press “Import Calendar”

The link in InnConnect will be provided here (under Channels icon on the main screen)


When you press “Export Calendar” you will be provided a link to copy into your InnConnect account.

Simply copy/paste this link to your InnConnect account, in the “Import” field which is blank and then press Save Settings button.

Remember, whatever room types you have setup on InnConnect, should be setup on Airbnb so you can import/export each URL calendar separately.

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