How to Change the Background Image of your Booking Engine

Login to your InnConnect account.

Click on the Booking Engine Icon on the main screen (shown below)

There are two ways you can do this (only one can be used at a time)

1. Enter the background image URL into the field provided and press Save changes. (this is the easiest way) It could be an image of your hotel or anything you want.

2. The second option is to enter the Custom CSS codes into Custom CSS field provided. This method is more advanced and should only be done by your webmaster. You can find background CSS codes from 

You need to surround those codes with “body{ and }”

Below is an example of this.. body{code goes here}

Once you have entered the code, press Save Changes and then click on the Booking Page to see how it looks on your booking engine.

The background image has changed. There are many to choose from so have fun selecting something unique to your hotel.

Note: You can always go back and change the settings until you find something you like.


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