How to Link Accounts / Multiple Properties

You can now link your Inngenius accounts (properties) to the one main account. This means you can switch from property to property without logging in and out of each one individually, simply by switching tabs on your browser. To link your accounts you need to know your account ID number’s provided in the initial signup email.

Login to your InnGenius account, click on Admin Tab, then click on Settings, then click on Linked accounts (example provided below)

Press OK again on the next screen. The browser will need to be refreshed for updates to take affect.

Click on the little box (shown below)

It will open this little window that displays the linked accounts, simply press on the account you want to view and it will open in a new tab in your browser.

You will need to login for the first time and then do not log out – just X out of the tab when you no longer want to be in it. If you log out, then you will need to sign back in.

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